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Reflexology is effective in promoting deep relaxation & wellbeing.  It is a treatment which uses the technique of applying gentle finger or thumb pressure to the reflex points on either the feet, face, hands or ears, these reflex points correspond to muscles, glands and organs in the body and by working these points we help to restore the body to a natural state of balance.   Reflexology is a gentle and safe therapy which is gives your body the help it needs to rebalance either physically or emotionally helping conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, hormone imbalances, fertility, menopause, chronic pain, migraines, supporting through pregnancy, sleep patterns plus many more.




Reflexology Session

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Ear Candling


Facial Reflexology


Zone Face Lift



What An Amazing Experience!

Mel Made Me So Welcome In 

Her Studio. I Was So Relaxed I 

Fell Asleep A Few Times.

The Day After I Felt Brighter.

I Cannot Thank Mel Enough!

Claire M

Jus Had A Fantastic Afternoon At The House Of Therapies! Nails Done, Eye Lashes Tinted And An

Amazing Reflexology Facial. It Was Fabulous! I Could Of Stayed There For The Rest Of The Day. Cant Recommend Enough.

Tracey H

Wow Wow Wow! It Was Certainly Worth The Wait. House Of Therapies Has A Beautiful Set-Up And As Soon As You Walk In You Feel Relaxed And Forget Your Worries. Don't Hesitate To Book Your Appointments Now Or You'll Miss Out!

Lynn B

I Literally Just Went To Heaven For The Time I Was There! She Is Such A Beautiful Warm Person Who Puts You At Ease And Is Soo Knowledgeable And Good At What She Does. So Honestly Contact Her, Will Be The Best Bit Of #Selfcare You Do.

Sophie NK

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  • What happens on my first visit?
    On arrival I will sit with you and ask you to fill in a client consultation form, during this time we can discuss any health issues and you will be able to let me know what you would like to gain from the treatment. This enables me to carry out a bespoke treatment plan for each client.
  • Do I have to remove my clothes?
    If you are having foot reflexology you will only need to remove shoes and socks, for Hopi ear candling and facial treatments I like to be able to incorporate the neck and shoulders so I ask you to slip your jumper/top off and cover you over with a towel.
  • How often should I have a treatment?
    This is totally up to you. I can advise and help with a specific treatment plan, some clients enjoy weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 6 weekly appointments, it really is down to each individual client’s needs.
  • How will I feel after a treatment?
    After a treatment some clients will have what we call a “healing crisis reaction” this is where the body is ridding itself of toxins and starting to rebalance. Some clients may experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, runny nose, increased urination, bowel movements, and heightened emotions either happiness or weeping depending on the individual, however most clients walk away feeling rested, relaxed, restored and rebalanced.
  • Are these treatments suitable for anyone?
    There are a few contraindications for each treatment which will be discussed, if you feel there is a medical reason you are not sure about please contact me and I can advise, you may just need a letter from your GP to say they are happy for you to receive treatment.


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